Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Inertia of Thoughts.

Inertia is Newtons first law of Motion. You have most likely heard of this through physics or general knowledge, but just to qualify.

Inertia states that:

Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to stay in that uniform motion unless an external force is applied.


Objects like to keep doing what they're already doing, unless an external force interferes.

I love this law. Not because I love physics. I hate physics. Most likely because I had terrible grades for it in school, but that's beside the point. I like this law because it can be applied to people as well, in large demographics and to individuals.

Applied to the human psyche, the law is now.

Every person in a state of uniform routine tends to stay in that routine until an external force intervenes.

Emphasis on tends to.

This can still be applied to people without a set routine, who takes it as it comes. Routine is not a set plan for a day, a month, or a year. Your routine might well be to wake up in the afternoon, catch a bus to somewhere you don't know, and sleep somewhere else. It's still routine. A change in that routine would be do have a schedule for the day. Schedule =/= Routine, in this post.

People generally dislike change, and so you have people tending to stick to what they know. Human Inertia.

-Note. I had to add this in. Human Inertia makes me think of scientists sling-shotting people and calculating the velocity. I thought we should all have that mental image before we move on.

Now, talking from experience (I'm professional like that), outsourcing your energy into work doesn't start when you get home, when you finish your coffee or when you walk through the office doors. In my honest opinion, it starts when you wake up. If you wake up with the mindset of lounging about all day, or contemplate things other than the present, then Inertia will simply carry these thoughts throughout the day.

- Unless an external force intervenes.

It would be fair to argue that you could slap yourself in the face in front of a bathroom mirror, yell "Hustle up" and that would be considered an external force. But as you are well aware, procrastination is difficult to withstand. Coupled with an extremely bias opinion of oneself and you have yourself the recipe for delusional thinking, in the sense that you're the only one who will think you're working hard.

What's my point? You need to be making the effort the moment you have that first bite of delicious crunchy nut cornflakes. That way, provided I am not completely off my bonks, you can continue that state of mind all throughout the period where your attention will need to fixated on something for more time than it takes to cook bacon. I've been mentioning food a lot recently. I think that's a sign for dinner.

Anyway, thanks for the recent feedback guys, it's great to see that this is reaching people. I am of course a human, so if you disagree with anything, don't be shy.

After all. You can't prove me right.

- Oscar.

P.S. These are those delicious crunchy nut cornflakes you'll be eating.


  1. Great read. Look forward to more of this.

  2. interesting, but...and please don't think i'm crazy, but have you ever tried honey bunches of oats with half and half?

  3. read the whole thing good stuff

  4. That looks delicious .___.
    hope to read more!

  5. It will be the most delicious bowl of cornflakes you could ever desire. Good read, found the crunchy nut reference pretty funny.

  6. Top read that mate, looking forward to seeing more

  7. I don't think you can continue the "effort" state of mind throughout the day as easily as the "no effort" state of mind. If you manage though, you will increase your potential, that's true.

  8. Honestly pretty interesting, got yourself a new follower!

  9. I am the force that will shake you from your routine. I am a bi-winning warlock, feel my power.

  10. Wow... that text was a real "bomb"


    Enough said.

  12. "People generally dislike change, and so you have people tending to stick to what they know. Human Inertia."

    Well said :)

  13. I want some cornflakes now....

  14. what that looks tasty :o and true wrods really +follwed

  15. Change is lame. My routine= wake up, adventure, sleep.

  16. Time to take life one bite at a time?

  17. Haha I was wondering what was with the picture of corn flakes until I got to the end. You're right, people get so stuck in routine it's hard to get out.