Monday, March 21, 2011


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, fellow internet person.

If you weren't redirected here from somewhere else then kudos to you. I can't imagine how you got here otherwise. Unless you specifically searched for something of the like. In which case. Welcome? This post is just a brief summary of what this blog is going to contain, so brief skimming is sufficient to soak up the information.


The purpose of this blog is to express the ideas of organization, aesthetics, sleeping habits and diet, and in what way these affect our everyday life. Just as a side-note:

- Aesthetics is being used in the sense of the visual appeal of the objects and/or people around you, as well as metaphysical ideas.
- Organization is fairly self-explanatory; routines, categorization, listing of items, etc.
- Sleep habits just refers to how,when,where and why you sleep the way you do.
- Diet is just what you eat. Obviously.

I hope that the opinions stated in the posts to come help someone in some small, tiny way. I found that these are all collaborative ideas found in a whole bunch of sources that I mashed into my own simplified version. Seeing as I can't be bothered listing every book I've ever read, ever, I'll occasionally drop hints at where you can read more about them.


This blog will probably be updated once or twice a week. If I get a whole bunch of followers (not likely) I might up it a bit. I do reply to requests, so just send me an email if you have an inquiry. Yes, there is Adsense. No, I am not a money-making profit machine, It just helps buy scratch-its, my one and only vice...

About me.

I find that adding too many personal details blurs the important aspects of the text, so for the sake of my privacy and your attention, I'll keep it brief. I am currently living in Brisbane, Australia, studying full-time, and work occasionally doing odd-jobs. So. There.

A final note.

Just if any of you reference this blog at all, you may want to know a few things.
- I am not a qualified dietitian or a sleep expert.
- This is talking from personal experience, and the information can be used in any way you seem fit.
- Just drop me a message if you need clarification on anything.

Okay, thanks guys. I hope you enjoy yourself here, and find everything of some value and use.

- Oscar.


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