Thursday, April 14, 2011

Item Distribution.

My friends,

There comes a time in a mans life where he wakes up one morning a different person. He does not simply put on his dressing gown and go and make some sweet, delicious porridge. He does not wade through the floor clutter like so many lego blocks of the past. No, sir. He gets up, turns around, looks at his shelf, and says.


Or at least, I did this morning, when noticing the condition of my shelves and the lack of recognisable organisation. Which, as you may have picked up throughout this blog, I think is incredibly important to have. Not only to keep things nice and neat, but to know where your belongings are, to have control and discipline in the physical world, and to keep things aesthetically pleasing.

After that extensive introduction, Good Evening! I trust we are all well and healthy, and might I say, looking rather dashing. Before I go on, I would like to, once again, draw attention to my new blog, which is just a journal of some sorts, which can be found here:

Of course, there are an incredible number of ways in which to organise and store your possessions. I myself make the most commonly used items the most accessible, and if I were to hazard a guess, this is the most frequently used strategy. This means that in my top drawer of my desk I have wallet, phone, folders, laptop case, etc etc. Because of this, I am always aware of where my stuff is. This, of course, is just an example, and on a very small scale. The distribution of belongings throughout your entire house is far more important though.

For example, a close friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, Greg) has terrible habits when it comes to storing. He puts his personal, everyday stuff on the table, which he then moves to god knows where when he eats, his course books are scattered throughout the various rooms (I found an autobiography of Bertrand Russel in his sink.) and, perhaps worst of all, he doesn't keep track of where his various cords and chargers are. Now, I might seem a bit obsessive/petty/wound-up (understatement of the year, eh?) but the amount of time I have spent waiting for him to find his phone could probably be measured in days. A structured layout of where to keep things not only makes life easier, if you lose something, it's a whole lot easier to find.


When it comes to drawers, I recommend not simply shoving everything in them like some kind of universal dump for miscellaneous items. Instead, keep small boxes you get from stores and what not, and then itemise into them. This especially applies for everyone out there who just has a pile of paper that has to be kept due to the nature of the information. Get a folder. It's easier and you feel professional while using it.

Filing cabinet. Not the most aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, but incredibly handy when it comes to filing the aforementioned paper of doom. And who doesn't enjoy flicking through the named folders? It's the little things.

Desk Space. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mine, or at least in my opinion. But it is general knowledge that if you have a ludicrous amount of paper, knick-knacks or paddy-wacks about, your work is bound to be impeded. I think that a small tray that can stack A4 pages is perfect for keeping relevant paper close by. If you have an snow-globes or Newtons Cradles, make sure they're not immediately in the way of anything important. Mug of pens. Do it.

All of this goes for the virtual world as well. It's much easier to find files if you have them organised, particularly your downloads folder, mine used to overflow with torrent links and pdf files.

Clean and easy. Just like my women. And there goes my female audience.

Stay safe. Sorry for the late post, I've been spending my nights in the entertainment district. Mana Bar, to be specific.

Have a good one folks.

- Oscar


  1. nice so you have a new blog will check it

  2. i spend hours organizing all of my computer files. I like to stay organized

  3. great post, same thing happens to me every few years

  4. Good advise mate, I'll check out the new blog

  5. "fuck" *drops delicious porridge* haha

  6. Good read man. I lol'd. Also, I get the same way: I love cleanliness, but I'm just to lazy to keep up the organization.

  7. I am such a messy organizer. Even when it comes to my computer files, books, and all the things on my desk.

  8. @Wintermute i think you might have OCD.

  9. I spend every afternoon cleaning up my room making sure that all of the space is utilized very well.

  10. I'm moving house soon so thanks.

  11. I'm borderline obsessive about my computer organization.

  12. @sporktar same! lol, my desk is a dust magnet, drives me crazy! D:

  13. I also have been reading both your blogs, they are great.