Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pessimism & Employment.

Hello, and might I say a hearty Good Evening to all those living in the Brisbane area, as you had most certainly better be toasty warm in this weather. Haven't been this cold in years!

First off, I'd just like to say that I received the shining symbol of wonder in the post today. That's right, a letter from your local psycho-analysis team! Alright, so it's not gold-trimmed and from the team, but, as I'm still in the "Stats-and-rats" part of my study, I'm extremely glad to be have landed a semi-stable job that ties in with my course. Wine and celebratory obligations for all!

Before I was able to check my mail, however, I attended a short lecture in which the basic characteristics of a pessimist were summed up. To the left are some of the phrases you might catch yourself using if you're feeling rather down. Pessimism is in no way a self-loathing mind set, as the picture may suggest. But nor is it witty cynicism, hyper-intelligent acceptance of the world. It has been over-analysed and magnified by media, psychologists and even philosophers to the point where it has almost changed meaning completely.

If you open a door expecting an angry lion on the other side, you're ridiculous.

If you open a door expecting another room or appropriate scenery, you're a realist.

If you open a door expecting cake or some other enjoyable pleasure, you're an optimist.

If you go to open a door, but then think you're too pathetic and sit down in the corner and cry, you're self-loathing.

If you open a door expecting to get your sleeve caught, which will in turn rip your shirt, you're a pessimist.

(That needed to be in bold & italic for those who didn't want to hear that many scenarios. Hear? I mean read. Audio-scripting would be fun though. Except I have a ridiculous accent. I'll give you a hint. I love St Patricks day.)

Being a pessimist, on a general, everyday basis, just means that you expect the worst out of most situations, almost regardless of the premises. Once you exceed a rational amount, then you're just being ridiculous, and will be paid the appropriate amount of attention. Which is none.

Pessimists are no more prepared for the worst than others in most cases. Because we are talking about the situational mind-set, and not something more deep-seated, even neurological maybe, they simply will not be shocked when it happens. It's like that guy who sits on the couch when you're putting up paintings, and he just casually calls out that they're going to drop, but you ignore him and keep putting them up, until they eventually all come crashing down and leave you an embarrassed, dusty fool.

Comes from experience.

Anywho, let's cut to the point. Obviously a negative outlook will produce a negative emotional rotation, on any scale. I'm not advocating being blindly optimistic, and I'm not advocating being the joy-kill of every party you make yourself aware at. It is best to find a balance just right for the day, where you're ready if things hit the fan, but you do not dwell on it for extended periods of time.

Anyway, have a fantastic day, thank's a bunch for your time :D

- Oscar.


  1. Positive feelings = positive existence. I used to think it was a bunch of bullshit but its totally true. Perception is so powerful.

  2. I'm not pessimist I think, good read

  3. Great post. It's funny how I usually see myself as pessimistic but when I'm talking to or around more pessimistic people I start to counter their negativity.

  4. NICE one. btw you have great back ground!

  5. Excellent post. Pessimism is such a debby downer.

  6. Never really think about whats on the other side of the door. Definitely a realist, I guess.

  7. Pessimism is something I generally tend to avoid

  8. you shouldn't let the day affect your mood but let your mood affect your day

  9. optimist sees the doughnut - where a pessimist sees the hole.
    Nice blog, following. Please check out my latest post :D

  10. This is what I love to read... Good stuff right here!

  11. I always expect to find angry lions behind closed doors...

  12. I try to be an optimist.... I fail hard tho. Life is just too sad...